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26th June 2015

- Michael Taylor’s 40by40 is being launched at The Escalator in Manchester on Friday 26th June.

This hilarious yet salutary tale tracks the fall and fall of a corporate prat in the wake of the 2008 liquidity crisis. More to follow soon… Already available at all good book shops and on Amazon NOW.

- Pride and Joy by Alex Knight

Alex tells the story of a failing hospital where his protagonist, Linda, is thrown in at the deep end. As interim CEO she is charged with stemming the flow of financial loss and soon sees the horrors of clinical disaster and the unbearable strain her staff are under. But there is no money.

Linda knows that people are inherently good and she is desperate to find a way of bringing pride and joy back to this caring profession. But it looks hopeless and she is quickly in danger of being dragged down with the hospital.

When an old friend persuades her that the more seemingly complex a situation, the bigger the opportunity for improvement, she decides to give one last roll of the dice…..

Written as a novel, the story takes the reader through a journey of discovery into the cause and effect world of the Theory of Constraints, and will be an engrossing read for healthcare professionals, the business community and most of all, patients.

Pride and Joy has already attracted widespread attention with sales across three continents.

- Stanley Gene’s award-winning yarn Daydream Believer and Herol Graham’s acclaimed autobiography Behind the Laughter are both now available as an e-book from main stockists.